Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Louisiana Cajun Coast

We heard that the Louisiana coast in this area isn’t one that people go to in order to enjoy sunbathing or walk the beaches. Nonetheless, we were interested in taking a drive to see what it was like. Abbeville is not far from the coast ~ about 15 miles, so we took a leisurely drive down 82S to 333 towards Intercoastal City.

We passed a few rice farms. Here’s some interesting information about rice farms down here – after rice is harvested (up to three times a season), the farmers flood the fields and the crawfish (which bury themselves in the rice fields when a rice crop) come to the surface, eat whatever rice remains, and then are harvested as a second crop.

We also passed over a few bayous, and saw many cargo ships moving oil.

Another interesting thing we see here are a majority of the homes on pilings or stilts, to protect from what we can only assume are frequents floods. Some are hirer than others, depending on how close to a bayou.
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