Monday, October 1, 2012

Good-bye Mt. Rushmore!!

Our workamping job at the Mt. Rushmore Bookstore Association has come to a close ~ we are very ready to get back on the road and explore new territory.  Some thoughts....

For the most part, we liked the job ~ most visitors were enjoyable, although there are always those few........ :-) One part of interacting with so many people, which is probably unique to Mt. Rushmore due to its subject matter, was the political comments people felt free to make to complete strangers (us) - some were simple opinions, some disrespectful, and others downright vulgar. We're not sure what people think when they walk up to a complete stranger and without any prompt share a personal opinion of such a controversial nature. Okay, off the soapbox……..

Brad's job (storeroom) was more difficult than anticipated - yes, books are heavy – and they get heavier on Days 4 and 5 of the work week. :-)  We enjoyed making some money (yes, money can be deposited into a bank, not just withdrawn). The Black Hills area was great to explore - we did something different almost every weekend, saving over $400 from using our VIP card. We enjoyed seeing wildlife out our RV windows and on the 3-mile commute to the monument - wild turkeys and deer, among others, were abundant.  At the monument itself, there were Mountain Goats - we've never had jobs before where you'd be walking from the car and pass a mountain goat or two!

We were here for five months – we wanted to be in one area for an entire season, to experience the rhythms and dynamics. We're still deciding whether that was too long or not - our next workamping gig is also for five months, so we’ll definitely be sure by then! We are not coming back next summer ~ we've explored this area completely ~ time to move on and see other areas of this country and have new experiences.

So check back soon to see where we are and what we're doing! :-)
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