Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Purple Pie Place Restaurant & The National Museum of Woodcarving, Custer, South Dakota

After our foray into Jewel Cave, we drove into the City of Custer (not to be confused with Custer State Park) for a bite to eat.  Having been for pie before, we stopped at the Purple Pie Place for lunch and has a fabulous meal ~ chicken & veggie potpie for Suzanne and since it was the last one available, a turkey Panini for Brad ~ both great! Of course, peach pie with lots of ice cream was the perfect finish to the meal. Definitely, definitely this is the place to eat when in the city of Custer, South Dakota ~ yum!

So the “National” (quotes are ours) Museum of Woodcarving……hmmmmm……  The only reason we went was because it was on the VIP card, so we could get in for free (normally $9 per adult). Basically, a man named Harley Niblack (1894-1966) had a passion for woodcarving and was financially sound enough to retire at the age of 42 and spend the rest of his life woodcarving and creating little engines so the woodcarvings could have movement. To his credit, he did have three of his woodcarvings displayed in The Smithsonian Institute. We could appreciate the fine detail that went into these carvings, but at $9 per person, for us, this is not something we would have done if it wasn’t free.  (Now, ask our neighbors what they thought – they loved it – to each their own, as they say.)

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