Thursday, August 9, 2012

The 72nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, South Dakota

We went to Sturgis today to see the official rally, although trust us, it seems as if the rally is all over the Black Hills.

First thing we noticed when we parked was that many home-owners make a few bucks during rally week – by allowing tenters to crash on their front lawns. It’s probably rather profitable since every hotel, campground, motel, etc… raises prices quite a bit this week.

 Basically, Main Street was closed to all but motorcycle traffic, and it felt like any kind of street fair – just this one was geared towards bikers.  There were booths and tents of various companies (Harley Davidson, Jack Daniels, etc…), free things given out to passer-byers, and shows.

We saw the Free Style Motorcross (FMX) bikers who did a show in the street – that’s all the photos below – very cool.
Yes, there were a few naked women with body paint wandering around, and we did see a few outlaw bikers (noted by the 1% diamond patch), but overall, it was just a bunch of bikers meandering and enjoying the activities.  For all you RV’ers out there ~ picture a Quartzsite for motorcyclers.

All this being said, however, we were there during the day and were told by some people we ate lunch with that the crowd this year seems tamer than past years and that the real “fun” (direct quote) starts around 8pm each night. By the way, Suzanne sat down next to one of the meanest looking guys there to share a table for lunch and conversation, but he and his girlfriend were actually quite nice.

Would we go back to Sturgis if in the area another time? Absolutely yes!

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