Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The REAL Final Day of Workamping - Mesa Regal RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona

As we stated last Friday,  we were asked to help on Monday with some final pick-ups of decorations, so along with nine other Workampers and our boss, Mikki, we spent about four hours Monday morning picking-up decorations from a couple parks and putting them back where they belonged in storage for the summer. For the first time, Suzanne was able to join the Decor Team workampers, since her signing classes are finished for the season.  Mikki was kind enough to thank us by buying lunch for us all. So now we can finally say ~ our first workamping gig is done! :-) We'll be hanging out at Mesa Regal RV Resort  a bit longer, enjoying the many amenities, the area, and the perfect weather.  

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