Friday, April 27, 2012

Garden of the Gods, near Colorado Springs, Colorado

Gardenof the Gods is a free park just a few minutes drive from Colorado Springs.  The park is quite lovely ~ it’s made of sandstone rock formations with Pikes Peak as its backdrop.  After stopping at the Visitor’s Center and looking through their displays and shop (there is a 14-minute movie on the making of the formations, but we did not watch it), we drove the short distance to the central garden area and enjoyed walking along the paved walkways looking at the sandstone formations, watching a few rock climbers, and admiring the fact that this was, and always will be, free. (The family who donated the land specified that this park would always remain free of charge to all visitors.) After meandering the garden, we continued on the drive around the rest of the park, where one can see Balanced Rock. 
 Besides the paved walking trail, there are numerous other hiking trails along the park, all of which allow leashed dogs.  There are also a few off-road roads for mountain biking, as well as picnic areas and free nature programs. This is definitely a “must do” when in the area ~ plan to spend from ½ hour to ½ a day, depending on what you like to do. 
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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Jerry and Suzy said...

For some reason we have not been to Colorado since we retired 10 years ago. Garden of the Gods is on our list for the future, perhaps next summer.

Sure wish you'd get rid of that double word verification stunt it takes to post a comment on your blog.

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