Thursday, April 5, 2012

Canoeing on Canyon Lake, Apache Trail, Arizona

We took a nice little jaunt on our inflatable Sevylor Canoe yesterday on Canyon Lake. We parked at the Canyon lake Marina so we didn’t have to pay the fee for parking on national forest land, and launched from their docks. There are three main areas from which to tool around at this point ~ to the right, which will take you past the restaurant and camping area, straight which takes you to the vastness of the lake, and to the left, which takes you under the bridge (where motorized crafts are not allowed) and towards a narrow channel – we chose this route.

We meandered for about an hour, enjoying many birds in the brush (along with trash, unfortunately), saw other kayakers, lots of fishermen and fisherwomen, and enjoyed a bit of nature. We enjoyed the turns of the lake, as we kept thinking we got to the “end,” but alas there was more beyond the next turn. We did make it to the end, finally, and enjoyed about an hour, maybe a bit more, on the lake.

We then enjoyed lunch at the restaurant – fairly good food (better than expected as there is a captive audience), yet slow service. If you do not have your own watercraft, there are boat rentals at the marina, and if in the area, especially on a hot day, this is a fun place to spend some time.

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