Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 6 of Workamping at Mesa Regal RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona

Another work week came to a close with Suzanne continuing to teach her sign language classes and Brad doing various tasks with other workampers.

On Monday he actually worked alone, preparing a floor for new linoleum (it was carpeted).

Floor prep ~ Scrapping carpet glue and removing staples

On Wednesday he worked with other workampers to lay bricks outside one of the park models that the Décor Team uses for storage.

On Friday he helped the team load/off load décor to various parks.

Pretty interesting, huh! :-)

We've been asked if we'd like to return here next year, and are considering it, but our first choice for winter 2012-2013 would be to find work in southern Florida to be near some family.  If anyone reading this know of anything in that area, we'd love to hear about it ~ thanks!!  :-)

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