Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brad's First Shade Repair Job!

Brad’s Blind & ShadeRepair got its first customer this week, and here’s a picture of Brad installing the newly-restrung shade!

He’s had lots of calls, but most were for things he doesn’t do, such as ordering new shades. He enjoys the work, and has also added re-screening (windows and patio doors) to his services as well.

By the way, now that he has one job under his belt, he’s expanding business!  You can mail (either USPS or UPS) your RV or house blind/shade to him, he’ll restring it, and send it back within 48 hours – all for a very reasonable price – much less than if you bring it somewhere local. (We know, since when we still lived in the stick-and-brick, Brad brought our bedroom pleated shade to be restrung and found out the cost: $60!  He purchased the materials himself, restrung, and that’s how Brad’s Blind & Shade Repair was born.) So let Brad know if you or anyone you know needs his services!

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