Sunday, March 25, 2012

The 48th Annual Scottish Highland Games, Phoenix, Arizona

We went to the Scottish Highland Games this weekend – we went many years ago in Portland and enjoyed ourselves, so off we went when we heard there would be a gathering in Phoenix.

What are the Scottish Highland Games?   

In part, athletics played in Scotland centuries ago, such as the Scottish Hammer Throw

the Maide Leisg.

and the Weight Throw

The games also consist of dancing and bagpipe competitions, as well as marching bands

and of course the gathering of the clans (who also participated in a parade). 

Brad's family hailed from Scotland, and his clan, the Mac Duffs, was represented as well.
 It's been said that the men do not wear anything under their kilts........we'll let you go to your local Scottish Highlands Festival and find out.  :-)

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