Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We're Selling Our Park Membership - interested????

Here are the facts:
Home Park: Neskowin Creek RV Park on the beautiful Oregon Coast.  Can stay for free “in” two weeks, “out” one week, “in” two weeks and so on, all year long……..

Sale includes RPI Preferred – check out the website: www.rpipreferred.com for all the wonderful parks all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This is really the reason why we have the membership – pay only $10/night in each park – way less than daily rates at non-membership parks.

Sale also includes Enjoy America membership – check out their website: www.resortparks.com. These are independent parks that give you a 50% discount if you’re an RPI member.

Why are we selling? We purchased the membership in 2008 and have used it tremendously  - probably 100 nights a year each year we've traveled and some more in-between when staying "home" in Oregon – we’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth, for sure. However, we are at the point where we are staying in one place more and starting our foray into workamping, so it’s not right for us at this time. 

Cost to you:
  • One-time cost: $500 – this is what we’re selling this for
  • One-time cost: approx. $280 – this you will pay to Neskowin Creek for an ownership transfer fee. By the way, you can sell the membership again if you choose.
  • Annual cost: $325 dues to Neskowin Creek, which are frozen. Dues are due 1/1 of each year. Even if you do not use the park, you need to be a member of this park to access RPI Preferred Resorts. Your Enjoy America membership is included in these dues.
  • Annual cost: $159 for the RPI Preferred membership, due 2/1 each year. If you do not travel one year, you can “freeze” this and “unfreeze” when you want.

Please email (RVingandtravels@gmail.com) with questions ~ thanks & Happy, Safe Travels!

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