Monday, December 19, 2011

Manhattan in the Desert -Part II, Palm Springs, CA

Well, as promised, we went back to Manhattan in the Desert to try their breakfast. If you recall (if you do not recall, then read here) we loved their lunch and it was a great experience. Here’s our breakfast review in a nutshell: go there for lunch.

Yeah – disappointing…….the food (we had a “farmer’s” breakfast – eggs, bacon, potatoes, bagels with cream cheese) and it was just okay. Perhaps their Challah French Toast or other breakfasts would be better, but our “not so great” experience went beyond the food – the service was poor, waiters running around like they need just a couple more staff hired – filing coffee as they held dirty dishes – stuff like that. Also our meal was not served complete (had to wait for the bagels) and it took a while to find a waiter to bring Suzanne some salsa for her eggs. Which brings us to the third reason we weren’t too impressed: pet peeve – we were charge $1.75 for about three tablespoons of salsa. How is this request different than asking for ketchup, mustard or mayo on the side? If there is a charge, then tell us when we request it. Considering each meal was just shy of $10, the condiments should have been included.

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