Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Traveling back in time? Visiting Oatman, Arizona

Oatman is an old mining town nestled in a narrow canyon 30 minutes from Bullhead City. The famous Route 66 highway cuts through the main town area which attracts visitors interested in the nostalgia of the original highway that traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles. The town is made up of many old rundown buildings covered in painted or rusty corrugated tin sheets and have covered wooden sidewalks of an era gone by. This sets the tone and gives the feeling of how it must have been in the old days…miners walking the streets getting supplies and spurs clanking on the wooden planks of the sidewalk. The stores are the typical gift shops that sell T-shirts, hats and Route 66 related memorabilia.


In addition, to the old mining town feel and gift shops, the other big attraction is the dozen or so wild burros that roam the streets looking to get a carrot or hay biscuit from a person or via a car that is just passing through. These treats can be purchased in a few of the stores or you can bring your own with prior planning. These burros are descendants of the original pack animals used in the heyday of this mining town.

If you enjoy old western mining towns or enjoy the rich history of Route 66 or enjoy meeting a burro up close, then you might consider visiting this town. This wasn’t our thing but did enjoy the drive into this canyon with its interesting rock formations.

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