Sunday, November 27, 2011

College of the Desert Alumni Association Street Fair, Palm Desert, California

The weather on Saturday was spectacular so we decided to spend the morning exploring the College of the Desert Alumni Association Street Fair. This is a large street market that is open most weekends and consists of over hundreds of vendors offering unique items ranging from clothes, hats, golf accessories, and more. This market has many food vendors offering a wide range of goodies to eat. There is even live music that you can enjoy while eating.

This weekend Fair is run by the College of the Desert Alumni Association and the proceeds help provide scholarships and contribute to the funding of other programs. It’s free admission into the fair and free parking. The parking lot is tight so big trucks will be a challenge to park.

The market is larger than when we first visited it (Previous Post) a couple of years ago but the type of vendors haven’t really changed. This is really not a market to find a lot of arts or crafts, its merchandise naturally targeted for the people in the area. We enjoyed walking around people watching and the whole atmosphere, but didn’t find the merchandise appealing enough to make a purchase. However, I was intrigued that there were several sock vendors having large inventories to offer. I guess people in the desert go through a lot of socks or something…

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

 Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catalina Spa & RV Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

We are staying at Catalina Spa & RV Resort for a couple weeks. We were here three years ago and really liked it, as well as the Palm Springs area, and were hoping that we would again enjoy this park, thus we made two separate 2-week reservations. Well, some thing have changed (no horseshoes - Brad's told he's a "natural") and some have stayed the same - we still like the park!

We also went to Papa Dan's for (what we remember) was good pizza. Well, not so much any was disappointing.

So we'll have two months in the area to enjoy some things we've already done and explore some new things. If you're interested in reading about what we did  before, go to December, 2008 and January 2009 in the Blog Archive below.

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