Sunday, October 30, 2011

Red Sky BBQ, Pahrump, Nevada

A local recommended this restaurant and as we were out and about running some errands, we decided to try it.  Upon arrival, we were not impressed – down a small road we found the restaurant and the outside did not bode well for our appetites.  Tentatively, we still went inside, to find no one else having lunch at noon…hmmm……  The interior still did not impress us (not the décor, nor necessarily the cleanliness, but just a general “feel”), but we took a table and looked at a menu.  For a BBQ place, there were limited BBQ items, so we were still hesitant, but we stayed……..

Brad ordered a pulled pork sandwich and Suzanne a Philly cheese steak sandwich.  As we waited, we were still questioning our decision to stay, but did stay.  A few more people, obvious locals by their conversations and interaction with the two staff members appeared, so we were feeling a bit better. Then the food arrived………fabulous! Brad’s was great with sides of potato salad and baked beans, and Suzanne’s was also excellent – had a bit of a “kick” in the dressing, and the sides of cole slaw and French fries were also very good. So we were very pleasantly surprised and would recommend this place to people looking for a good meal.

Lesson leaned – locals always know the great restaurants!

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