Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diamond Point RV Resort, Sequim, Washington

We are staying here under our RPI membership and it’s a pretty nice park, albeit simple.  The sites are a bit close together, but clean and with a picnic table.  The park is very well maintained and the employees (and visitors) very friendly. There are a few activities (already looking forward to the ice cream social on Friday night) in the clubhouse, a nice book exchange, free DVD rentals, potlucks, a spa, community firepit (bring your own wood), the typical puzzle, games, etc…  It’s a very quiet campground with resident deer that meander in the early evenings.

Be sure to check our Zoey's blog:  She has a new post she'd like you to read!  :-)

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Sounds like a nice park. We gave up our RPI membership, and are whittling down our other memberships as well. So we may have to skip over Diamond Point. With our more limited travel right now, we find memberships are eating too large a share of our budget for very little use. But we'll not give them up completely. WE still have several parks available in the northwest, and we plan to use them when we get back up that way!

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