Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Activities at The Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

There are more activities besides the fun water/tube slides at The Atlantis…………

Swimming with the dolphins and/or sea lions ~ We did not do this, but it is a very popular (and expensive) activity for people coming to The Atlantis. There is an entire area dedicated to the dolphins, known as Dolphin Cay. If you haven’t paid to enter the area, there is still a small viewing area where you can watch others interact with the wildlife.

Snorkeling ~ There are trips off-site (which we debated, but ultimately did not go, but wish we had since Suzanne’s brother’s family loved it) and a short 30-minute on-site snorkeling trip to their human-created “ruins” which we did. It was okay – we’d recommend passing on this (which was more expensive anyway) and taking a real snorkeling trip, if snorkeling is your thing. Alternatively (or additionally) you can rent (or bring your own) snorkeling equipment for $10/hour and putter around their lagoon for a while – it is ocean water and fish a-plenty.

Swim in the Atlantic Ocean ~ it’s right at the edge of The Atlantis and The Atlantis maintains a couple lifeguards and some chairs – we swam one day – not too cold – and it was enjoyable. It was also nice to have sand underfoot, rather than concrete.

Comedy Show ~ We paid $20 each for the comedy show (in the Beach Tower) and were very disappointed. Now this is dependent on the comedians (term used loosely for the night we went), but we did not enjoy ourselves. We realize that part is whether or not a comedian’s humor works with one’s own, but since Suzanne spent most of the time watching the other audience members who weren’t laughing either, it was apparent that the comedian’s weren’t funny.

Fish feedings ~ The Atlantis publishes a daily list of events (called the Atlantean) daily with times of when each tank (i.e. sharks, sting rays, turtles, etc…) is being fed, and you can go watch and even participate in some. We saw the turtles (who eat cabbage and squid) and sting-rays (who eat dead fish) being fed, and if you want, you can hold a fish for the sting ray to come and suck into it’s body. Here’ s snorkeling/fish feeding tip – the fish aren’t fed on Mondays, so best to not snorkel that day! :-)

Casino ~ There’s a decent sized casino at The Atlantis, although the tables have pretty high minimums (for us) ~ $10 on craps (which means we could easily have $75+ on a roll of the dice), $10 on roulette and $15 or $25 on blackjack. We both lost some money playing craps, but made it back up on roulette until Brad started playing. :-) Of course, the good ‘ole one-armed bandits are there for those that like to play the slots.

If you're interested in getting a couple hundred dollars for free, read the next post. (How's that for a teaser??) :-)

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