Monday, May 3, 2010

Aquaventure at The Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

One of the main reasons people go to The Atlantis, is the water activities available – one being the many water slides known as Aquaventure. Aquaventure consists of The Lazy River – a one mile water/tube ride where you can take a single-tube or join a friend on a double-tube and drift (for the most part) along the “river” under bridges, through waterfalls, up conveyer belts, through rapids, and if you want (and are over 48” tall), up to the Tower of Power – a tower of various slides that are, perhaps, in the dark, up & down, straight up via a surging stream of water, or twisty-curvy. Pretty much everyday we started with a tubing, meandering the river and taking the various off-shoots to the different choices available. There are many areas where one can get in/out, and sometimes we even took the river to a different area, thus saving ourselves the walk! (Call us lazy!)

Aquaventure also consists of other slides – some with and some without the tubes. The famous Leap of Faith is a slide (no tube) almost straight down, then through a shark tank (yes, the sharks are separate), then down to a swimming pool. If you’re not up to do this, there is a tub ride that does almost the same thing, and you actually get to see the sharks as you pass through the shark tank, since it’s much slower than the non-tube ride.

For small children, there is a the Splashers Kids Pool – a separate slide/swimming area that is the right size for kids ages 3-5.

Oh, the quote of the tube slides is "Keep your butt up" - if you don't (or don't get it high enough), you'll hit your behind on the slide and get a huge bruise. Suzanne didn't get her butt up high enough on the first ride and had a huge (probably 3" by 3" black-and-blue bruise on her butt for days!) No, no photos of this.... :-)

More on other activities at The Atlantis coming soon………

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