Friday, October 2, 2009

A Tour of Chicago, Illinois

While staying in Chicago for a couple days to take in a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, we took some time to walk the city and enjoy the culture of Chicago.

Our first place, Magnificent Mile ~ the shopping area of some very high-end stores – perhaps the place for an Oprah sighting! We didn’t do any shopping, but it was fun to see the high fashion and incredibly jewelry adorning the windows – especially Cartier! Perhaps Oprah herself has shopped there…..

We continued down to Lake Michigan where there is a decent sized beach with palm trees (how do they survive the Chicago winters?), a bike/running path, and lots of very expensive condos with great views (perhaps Oprah lives around here).

Walking back the other way is the Chicago River, which separates the Magnificent Mile shopping area from the business area of banking, commerce, press and the like.

The business section of Chicago is expansive, with ease of access via the “L” and subway ~ the “L” is an elevated rail system which can be seen in movies such as The Fugitive with Harrison Ford. As we meandered around the business district, we happened upon a farmer’s market that occurs weekly on Thursday mornings throughout the summer.

We really enjoyed Chicago – of course, it is September – not January during the frigid cold, nor July during the heat and humidity, but we’ll definitely come back again – perhaps for another Oprah show!

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