Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good-bye for now...........

We want to thank everyone for their patience as we were off-line for a bit. So what happened was that Brad was offered, and subsequently accepted, a job that was too good to pass up in our hometown of Portland, so we headed home! A bit earlier than expected, yes. It is good to be back in our brick-and-mortar home, although we do miss much about being on the road.

But do not fret! This is not the end of our travel blog ~ we will continue to travel in our rig ~ often to the Oregon Coast (which is absolutely beautiful) ~ and other places as well, and will continue to update this site with photos and information for when you visit the area. We also plan to take advantage of Brad working downtown, and will try different restaurants on a weekly basis, and will share our reviews on this site, in the event you visit Portland some day.

Thanks to everyone who followed our adventure ~ we appreciate your kind words, comments, emails – all of it. It was quite an adventure ~ which we have dubbed “Chapter 1” in our book of adventures. :-)

Happy & Safe Travels!
Suzanne & Brad

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