Monday, March 9, 2009

Lots of Restaurants in the Sedona area, Arizona

We enjoyed many restaurants while enjoying Sedona and the surrounding area, so here is our report on all our good eats ~

The Hideaway Restaurant ~ We already wrote about our experience at The Hideaway restaurant (click here), and given that we’ve eaten at a lot of other places, we’ve decided that this isn’t really worth the time, unless you want to enjoy the great views. Equally good, if not better, food can be found elsewhere.

Cowboy Club ~ We enjoyed a late, light dinner here one evening and actually both ordered their tortilla soup, which was excellent and accompanied by some wonderful hot-from-the oven bread. It is difficult to judge the entire menu on just their soup and bread, but if the rest is as good, then this is the place to go when you’re in Sedona. The service was excellent as well.

Wildflower Bread Company ~ We ate here twice – once for lunch (read our lunch review here) and another time for breakfast – we still think this is a great, reasonably priced place for great soups, sandwiches, and yummy desserts. It is located in the middle of town and would be a great place to stop for lunch during a day of shopping in Sedona.

Bun Huggers (in Flagstaff) ~ We couldn’t resist this restaurant simply because of the name – and we’re not 100% sure, but it must be by a local university since we were the oldest ones there by quite a bit, but it was a good place to pick-up some good hamburgers that are reasonably priced. One thing Suzanne especially liked was that you could order small (1/4 pound) and regular (1/2 pound) sized hamburgers, since large burgers are often too much for her to eat in one sitting. There is no service here - you order, sit, wait to be called, then go get your food and pay. There is also a condiment bar where you dress your burgers (or hot dogs, or whatever you get) yourself. Wouldn’t necessarily go back, but it was a fun stop.

The Palace - Haunted Hamburger (in Jerome) ~ We were told by some of our blog followers that this was the place to get lunch in Jerome, and since we listen to our followers, off we went! One word – BUSY!! We were there at an “off” time – about 3:30 in the afternoon and it was packed. It stayed packed the entire time, but we must say that it added to the ambiance of the place. Their menu is much more extensive than only hamburgers, but since they are famous for their burgers, that’s what we ordered. They were large, good burgers, although no matter how you ordered (one person at our table ordered medium-rare and we ordered well done), they all seemed to be cooked the same. The fries were great and we were absolutely stuffed by the time we left. If you’re a burger-loving person and in Jerome, this is the place to eat. Is it haunted? Perhaps……

The Grapes (in Jerome) ~ We visited The Grapes when we were in Jerome (reviewed here) and would still recommend it if you are looking for an upscale place in Jerome, especially one that list specific wines to complement a meal.

Rincon Del Restaurante Mexicano ~ We had a late dinner here and didn’t necessarily love the food or the service, and we wouldn’t recommend eating here given the many options for Mexican food in the Sedona area. The food was okay and the service also just okay; the only redeeming quality was the novel atmosphere of sitting outside under blankets keeping warm while we ate – that was an amusing experience.

Picazzo’s Gourmet Pizza ~ The pizzas were great (Suzanne enjoyed a unique pesto marguerite pizza), the service very good, and we enjoyed a very garlicky Caesar salad, the only downside was that this was an expensive place for pizza. If you go, you might want to try for lunch instead of dinner, as the lunch menu was more reasonably priced.

Concho’s Mexican Restaurant (in Cottonwood) ~ We also already reviewed this restaurant (click here), and since having Mexican food at other places in the area, this is high on our list, although we wouldn’t make a trip to Cottonwood just to eat here. If you’re in the Cottonwood area and in the mood for some good, authentic Mexican food, this is the place for you.

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