Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Camelback Inn, Scottsdale & The Phoenician, Phoenix, Arizona.

Are you looking for a special place to spend an afternoon, perhaps enjoying a cocktail with a beautiful view? If so, then definitely check out either the Camelback Inn in Scottsdale or The Phoenician in Phoenix.

The Camelback Inn is a Marriott resort on 125 acres at the base of Mummy Mountain overlooking the famous Camelback Mountain. Recently reopened in September, 2008 after a $50 million renovation, this was an absolutely beautiful place. The grounds were gorgeous with beautiful patio seating of large couches, chairs, and fire pits. The views of Camelback Mountain were awe-inspiring, and even if you do not stop and have a cocktail or just a cup of coffee, this is worth a quick stop to enjoy a few moments on their patio amid their lush grounds.

The Phoenician is also based in the Camelback Mountains, and is just over the border of Scottsdale, technically in Phoenix. Also a beautiful resort, the Phoenician also has a large area to enjoy an afternoon cocktail or cup of coffee or tea, and the views from its patio are of the surrounding mountains, as well as their beautiful pool area. Again, even if you do not stop for a drink, this is a nice place to stop by and enjoy the views.

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