Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road Runner BLM Camping, Quartzsite Arizona

Monday night we stayed overnight in the Road Runner section of the BLM's 14-day free dry-camping area south of Quartzsite off Hwy 95. We literally drove off the highway for about a half mile, pulled near a group of Saguaro cactus and setup camp. We found the main dirt road into this area in good shape and easy to travel on. Also, the hard packed desert pavement supported the rig well and kept the dust down to a minimum. To our surprise, we found dry-camping in this area to be very peaceful, quiet, secure, and clean (no trash blowing in the breeze despite the huge numbers of RVs). All the groups of RVs nearby were all respectful of the quiet hours and friendly. The only time it got loud was when we got a 3:00am wake-up call from a coyote right outside our RV howling to his friends. In addition, we’ve never seen stars more brilliant and bright. This is a wonderful place for star gazers.

As an added bonus, we were fortunate enough to spend some time with new friends Jim and Margie (here's their blog: www.rv2go.us) who were also in the Quartzsite!

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