Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quartzsite, Arizona ~ Reflections

Today is a bit different of an entry ~ a bit more personal than usual.

When we decided to go to Quartzsite for a few days to experience THE Show, we had planned to boondock on our own for a few days. Yet a couple weeks ago we met two couples and they invited us to join their group of rigs in Quartzsite and camp with them. We were, quite honestly, a bit apprehensive about camping with a group of people we either barely knew or whom have never met, but we took a leap and joined their group. We are thrilled that we joined this wonderful group of people - we have been welcomed with open arms, have laughed and talked and shared stories, and truly feel that we have made new friends.

So we would like to say THANK YOU to our new friends for such a great time:

  • Sharon & Jim
  • Ethel & Manny
  • Shirley & Ron
  • Marti & Stan
  • Barb & John
  • Donna & Jim
  • Betty & Frank
  • Dolly & Paul
We also had the opportunity to (finally) meet Linda & Howard- they are full-time RV'ers who are our age (which is much younger than the norm). They have a wonderful website that we encourage you to check out: - it's full of great information about the fulltime lifestyle. We've "followed" them for years as they've shared their journey with the hope of someday meeting them face-to-face.

So to sum up our thoughts of Quartzsite ~ we'll definitely be back - not for the flea markets, but for the great people we have met here.

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Joy and Phil said...

That's what this lifestyle is all about! Well said ...
Joy and Phil

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