Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quartzsite, Arizona ~ Day 3

Every year, Quartzsite hosts a big RV show in January, with vendors showcasing anything and everything you’d ever need or want for your RV. In addition to all the merchandise, there were representatives from many campgrounds with special offers, RVs for sale, and of course, food, food, food! We spent many hours today meandering throughout the vendors, getting lots of free literature, learning a lot about things we need (and don’t need), and in general, having a good time.

Basically, there is a huge tent with three aisle of vendors, numbering in the hundreds. Outside of the Big Tent there were also vendors, as well as RVs for sale (both new and previously owned). In case you haven’t done enough browsing and shopping, all of this is located by Tyson Wells (which we went to a week or so ago).

Parking is tricky – there is some parking alongside Tyson Wells, but you can also find parking if you look down any dirt path – there seemed to be not much rhyme or reason to where you could park. Parking, as well as entrances to the RV Show is free, which is great since in the past we’ve paid upwards to $8 per person to go to our local RV Show, in addition to parking.

Overall, after hearing about the Big Tent and Quartzsite RV Show, it was actually smaller than we expected, and although there were many vendors with RV items for sale, we actually expected more, and not so much “flea market” items. We will check out another area tomorrow, across the street from Tyson Wells and the Big Tent, that we think may have more RV items.

Again, stay tuned………..

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