Monday, January 5, 2009

Farmer's Markets in the Coachella Valley, California

As we travel various areas, we enjoy browsing and purchasing at local farmer’s markets. Here’s a list of some of the markets in the Coachella Valley ~ some of which we’ve gone to and others that we’ve simply heard about.

Every Wednesday & Saturday, 6-9pm in Indio ~ Fairgrounds in Indio
We went to this market on a Saturday evening and it cost 50-cents for admission per adult. The farmer’s market aspect was small (there were a lot of other items for sale, which you can read about here), but unique in the fact that there was a lot of produce that was popular in Mexico that we had never seen before.

Every Thursday, 6-9pm in Pam Springs ~ VillageFest
We went to VillageFest a couple times (read about it here) and enjoyed the evening both times. The farmer’s market here is on the medium-size and quite busy – they had a lot of local produce that was quite good.

Every Saturday & Sunday, 7am-2pm ~ Desert of the College Street Fair
This had a very small farmer’s market – a booth or two. We did enjoy our visit (read more about it - click here) to this street fair and recommend going at least once when you’re in the area, but for fruits & vegetables, you might want to try one of the other many markets in the area.

Every Saturday, 8am – 4pm ~ Cathedral City
We did not go to this farmer’s market, located on East Palm Drive (next to the McDonalds) in Cathedral City, but if you’re in the area it might be fun to check it out - it has new and old merchandise, farm produce and food.

Every Saturday, 8am - 12:30pm ~ Palm Springs
This is a certified organic farmer’s market located on 2300 Baristo Road. Local farmers and vendors showcase their fruits and vegetables.

Every Sunday, 8am – 12:30pm ~ La Quinta
If you miss the certified organic farmer’s market in Palm Spring on Saturday, you can get your organic produce at this market in La Quinta.

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