Thursday, November 27, 2008

San Diego, California

We drove around the San Diego area today and meandered through several areas:
  • Old Town is full of restaurants and stores, and is quaint and charming with the buildings of Spanish architecture. There is also an historic park with many original and reconstructed buildings.
  • Gaslamp Quarter is downtown and had many upscale restaurants and city-shopping. It seems like the perfect area to spend a day in the city.
  • Coronado is an area south west of downtown and you need to take Route 75 to get there. This is a small island connected by a very large bridge where the famous Hotel del Coronado is located, which was beautiful, well-staffed, and luxurious. We meandered on the beautiful beaches here and enjoyed looking at the multi-million dollar homes on Ocean Boulevard. By the way, since no one took us up on our offer to buy us a place in Carmel, the offer is still open - if you want to buy us a home on Ocean Blvd in Coronado - we'd appreciate it!

We want to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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Jacob said...

Great offer..! I will certainly shop at

Suzanne and Brad said...

Great! Enjoy the vino & thanks for using our button!

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