Saturday, October 4, 2008

Klamath Area Beaches, North Redwood Area, California

Mother nature provided the great opportunity to see twelve foot breaker waves today, so we endured a little rain and toured a few of the local beaches. We first stopped at the beach that makes up False Klamath Cove. This beach consists of nice dark sandy areas near Lagoon Creek with large rock outcroppings that extend to Wilson Creek. There are three pull-out and parking areas off highway 101 that we used to get different perspectives on the twelve foot waves that were crashing through and engulfing the rocks. With a high tide coupled with the large breaker waves, we didn't have an opportunity to explore the beach in detail. But I can image that at low tide there are lots of tide pools to explore. We'll be back if we get a break in the weather. Next we headed to the beach that is just south of Whaler Island (on the south edge of Crescent City) along highway 101. This beach is a mile plus long and has no rocks. Although the waves were large and rough, they weren't as specular to watch because of the lack of rocks that they were breaking through. It was beautiful nonetheless. This is the beach for surfers, but there were none today. Lastly, we headed to the giant sandbar at the mouth of the Klamath River near our campground. We wanted to see if the storm had altered the the mouth of the river and if anyone was brave enough to fish for salmon today. was no on both counts. The huge waves battering the sand bar were fun to watch anyway. This would be a great out of the way beach to explore when the weather is better. We've been told by some local fisherman that you often can see seals on this sand bar near the river mouth.

Don't miss the giant Paul Bunyon and his anatomically correct ox Babe at the Trees of Mystery Complex. Although we did not go into the complex, there seems to always be a lot of cars parked, so it may be interesting, especially for those families with children.

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