Thursday, August 7, 2008

Miette Hot Springs, Jasper National Park, Canada

We enjoyed Miette Hot Springs ~ there are two heated pools, one that is more shallow for kids/families and one that was deeper so there tended to be more adults in this pool. The water temperature was quite hot, they advertise that it is 40oC (108oF), but it did not feel that hot. There is a slight sulphur smell, but you get use to it quickly. There are also two cool water. There is ample deck space for sun bathing and also a small covered which provided some needed shade. There are not enough chairs on the deck versus the number of people in the pools, so you have to move quickly and show not mercy when a chair become available. There is no food or drink allowed in the pool area, but they do have a small cafĂ© off to one side of the pool where drinks and snacks can be purchased and eaten there. There are lockers for a one-time use for $1, and you can rent swim suits and towels. The women’s locker room had individual dressing areas, unlike the men’s which was one large room. Both locker rooms had open communal showering areas.

There are a couple of hikes that originate from the main parking lot. One goes to the ruins of the original bath house. You can walk through the remaining walls and foundation. Information plaques and pictures are provide that provide the history. Further up the trail you can go to the hot springs source of this original bath house.

Tip: Bring a lunch for there is a nice picnic area right off the parking lot.

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