Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kootenay Lake trip, British Columbia, Canada

We took a long drive around Kootenay Lake today, first heading north on the 3a, passing through a few small towns until we got to Crawford Bay ~ a lovely, quaint town with a few shops and places to eat. The first place we stopped was the North Woven Broom Co. They hand-make brooms from the (100% raw, unprocessed) tassels of the Broomcorn plant from the Torreon region of Mexico. It was very cool to see the two people making brooms, learning about the brooms, and seeing their store. Their brooms were featured in (to name a few): Promotions of the Harry Potter bocks in Canada, the Bewitched movie staring Nicole Kidman, the TV series Star Trek, Broadway shows, and their even in the Smithsonian! I know this sounds odd, but North Woven Broom Co. was a really cool place with very nice people!

We then went to a few more shops, including Fireworks Copper & Glass, as well as Barefoot Handweaving - both stores were full of great items, as well as wonderful people who were happy to explain their craft. We had lunch at the Black Salt Cafe in Crawford Bay, which was very good, albeit a bit slow in the area of service.

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