Monday, August 25, 2008

Kokanee (Columbia) Brewery Tour, Creston, BC, Canada

The brewery tour costs $2 per person, and it is well worth it (and not only because it includes a full beer at the end)! Be sure you check the times of tours, because it seems to change everyday. (Our tour was supposed to start at 2:30, as posted, but they decided to postpone it until 3.) Regardless, be sure you get there early enough to take pictures with the (giant, as if there were another kind)) Sasquatch in the front of the building. The hour-long tour takes you through all areas of the brewery, from the making the wort, fermentation, aging, bottling & labeling. It really was quite fascinating - especially the bottling area. Be sure to bring your camera - you can take photos everywhere in the brewery - there are no restrictions. (You do need closed-toes shoes, though.) At the end you can sample one of their four beers, and watch a movie of Kokanee's various advertisements, commercials, and spoofs. Even a non-beer drinker will like this tour.

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