Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jasper Townsite & Something Else Restaurant, Jasper National Park

Something Else Restaurant is mostly Greek cuisine but also served other fare like Pizza – which is what Brad had and was very good. The restaurant was nice decorated and not busy for lunch on this day. Suzanne had spanikopita which she liked. Brad’s 10 inch pizza was thick crusted and more than one person could/should eat, so it’s definitely two meals. Prices were typical for the Jasper area…on the high side. In summary, the food was good and service was just okay. After lunch we meandered the Jasper townsite – there are lots of restaurants, tourist shops, etc… the typical fare one would expect. There is a library, school recreation centre, two laudromats, a couple grocery stores, about three gas stations. The main shipping starts at Patricia street and works its way in a couple streets – not hard to miss at all.

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