Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cascade Gorge Railgrade, Christina Lake, BC, Canada

We got our mountain bikes out today and biked 12 miles on the Cascade Gorge Railgrade of the Trans-Canada-Trail Railgrade. The Trans-Canada-Railgrade used to be a train track over many miles in Canada, complete with trestle bridges across canyons and rivers. Once the train was no longer needed, the ties and rails were pulled and the train track bed path remains as a hiker/biker path.

We started the trail just west of the 395 junction (if you go, you'll see a small turn-out by the "Welcome to Christina Lake" sign). The first part was gravel , which went past the Cascade Gorge and over one trestle. (A very easy walk if you're interested, and not far at all.) The trail continues to a second, bigger trestle bridge with great views. The trail then gets a bit rocky, as it continues towards Christina Lake, and great views continue. We biked past Santa Rosa Road, (which is another trail head). We continued north, overlooking the townsite and the lake, and continued until Fife Rd (yes, another trail head). This last portion had some very rocky areas, and in fact, we had to get off our bikes and walk them a bit. The overall grade is 2-3%, and going our route, it was downhill at first, then uphill until Fife, then, obviously reverse that for the way back. If you want, you can make it a loop and bike back along Highway 3 from any of the roads, but we preferred the trail - more interesting and safer.

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