Friday, July 25, 2008

World Waterpark in the West Edmonton Mall

We went to World Waterpark in the West Edmonton Mall. There is a nice, separate children’s area, and about 7-10 slides that were open for general use, as well as a huge wave pool. There are a variety of passes one can buy, so check the URL to see which admission works best for you. Although you cannot bring food in (but many people did, we found out later), you can buy food in the water park (mostly hot dog types of things) you can go in-and-out as many times as you want, and can go get food in the mall. (We went to the food court and had great Greek food – but we forget the name of the place – it’s the first one you come to on the left, by the water arches.) There are three changing rooms with lockers – women’s, men’s and family, which is what we used and it worked great. The locker costs $7 and has in/out privileges. The family locker room has privacy stalls for changing, but you do share toilets. There are tubes you can rent for $5/day, and so you don’t have to “babysit” them when you’re not in the wave pool, you can take them back to the tube area, get a ticket, and use that ticket for a tube when you want one. You definitely do not want to leave you tube laying around – they are a hot commodity and it will be gone in no time! Like the rest of the West Edmonton Mall, it is a bit outdated, but we surprisingly spent 6+ hours there, and had a blast! Tip – keep you head up on the slides if you choose to lie down (to go faster), unless you want a headache. (Learned the hard way by Suzanne!)

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