Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ukranian Cultural Heritage Village, Canada

During the early 20th century many Ukrainians settled in the area around Elk Island. It’s still evident by the orthodox churches that actively remain in the surround towns and communities. This village depicts the life and culture of these Ukrainian settles in the years 1930, 1891 and earlier. The entire area has groups of building representing each time period. Present in almost all building area people in accurate dress and acting the part. All were eager to answer questions and act the part include Ukrainian accents. There were more than 30 buildings total, but when we were there 5 were unavailable due to restoration. We learned that the actors make their lunches each as part of the real life experience. In fact the “place” provides them this food to prepare their meals, whether from the gardens or meat. This village is open year round with the winters months by special reservation where groups can “rent” the site for events. This summers months are more for tourists. Tip – don’t forget to ask for you AAA or CAA discount. And try the authentic food at the café. We had the potato ravioli things (with butter and onions) and they were quite good.

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