Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park

Two Medicine Lake (obviously in the Two Medicine area) has a 7.2 mile loop around the lake, with lots of side trails you can take. We started at the lower boat dock and walked clockwise, and with all the side trips, and walking back to our campsite, it was about 11+ miles in total. The first side trip is to Paradise Point (0.4 miles each way), which gives a nice view of the lake. You then walk through a nice alluvial fan, quite open, and then can take a side trip to Aster Falls. The trail then zig-zags through rock, where yet another side trip take you to Twin Falls which is beautiful! Throughout this hike you will traverse a cable bridge, through forest, by beaver dams, alluvial fans, avalanche areas and meadows. The upper boat dock is a popular place to stop for lunch, and if you choose not to hike the entire loop, you can take the boat back at this point. Alternatively, you can take the boat form he lower dock to the upper dock, and hike back one half of the loop.

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