Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shirley Lake Loop & Bison Loop Road, Elk Island National Park

Shirley Lake Loop is a 10.5km (~7m) hike around two lakes. Alas, we were disappointed again as you couldn’t see the lakes for the overgrowth, and it was heavily treed, so no views. You eventually get to Oster Lake, and there is one view of the lake, but you never actually go to Shirley Lake (so we wondered why this wasn’t called Oster Lake Hike……). If you decide to do this hike, be sure you bring bug spray - it’s heavily used by flying, biting, stinging insects.

Along the main road of Elk Island is a small drive aptly named Bison Loop Road – it’s an area where bison frequent. We saw about 20 bison foraging when we drove by; if you don’t see any, try another time of the day.

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