Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Iceberg Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

This is one of the most popular trails at Many Glacier ~ in fact, we did this hike two years in a row. It is 10 miles round-trip with a 1200’ elevation change, most of which is in the first half-mile. It took us 5 hours with a stop for lunch at the lake. Iceberg Lake is names so since there are icebergs floating in the lake for much of the summer. There are beautiful views along the trail, and it winds through prime grizzly habitat (but we did not see any). In fact, this trail was closed for many weeks in the summer of 2007 because the berries were ripe early that year.. We did see three Mountain Goats this year and one moose. The hike winds through forest, avalanche chutes, timberline, and alpine meadows. About half-way up to the lake is Ptarmington Falls, where many people stop and turn-around. At this point you can head to Iceberg Lake, as we did, or go onto Ptarmington Tunnel.

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