Sunday, July 20, 2008

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump Heritage Centre, Alberta, Canada

If native people history and culture interest you, then this center is a must. Brad like this kind of stuff so it was easy for him to spend several hours. This site is where native peoples systematically directed and drove herds of buffalo off cliffs in order to provide food for the Blackfeet people in the Fall. The Heritage centre consists of museum like displays and a 15 minute movie that reenacts how the Indians performed this feat without horses. This movie is a must and we recommend seeing it first before reviewing the displays – it will provide you and overall understanding of what they did so you can understand and appreciate the displays more. The centre itself is built into the actual cliff bank where the Indians have used the buffalo jump for more than 5000 years. There are also trails where you can walk along and see the actual drive path as well as the cliffs and butchering areas below. Coincidentally, we happened upon this museum on a day where they were celebrating the birthday of the museum, and admission was free!
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