Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fort Edmonton Park, Alberta, Canada

Fort Edmonton Park is a 5 kilometer park in the heart of Edmonton, that depicts four different time periods in Edmonton’s history with staff that dress and act like the time period they represent: the 1846 Fort itself; 1885 street, 1905 street; and 1920 street. Each areas has historic replications of these times – all of the buildings were constructed as they would be at those times with the complete workings, such as fireplaces where staff cooked their lunches while in persona. There were streetcars at the time when they were in vogue, horse drawn buggies, etc. Each area had presentations as well, such as how to press pelts to send back to Europe. There is also a steam train you can ride one or both ways (included in the admission price), and you can bring own food and have a picnic (picnic areas provided). We had lunch at Hotel Selkirk which surprised us with our best lunch yet! Hotel Selkirk is a fully functioning hotel in Fort Edmonton Park, and you can stay here overnight. We spent a surprising five hours here and highly recommend it if you plan to come to Edmonton. The cost $13.25 CA per adult.

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